3 Lessons Completing #StJude Half-Marathon

Running…13.1 MILES?


This time last year, I could run around the couch.  After a year of running, starting with running for 30 seconds and culminating with running for 2 hours, 18 minutes, what a rush.  During the race, I learned 3 important lessons which apply to running, but are equally important to life.

3 Lessons Learned completing #StJude Half-Marathon

1.  You don’t know what you don’t know – If you’ve never been herded like cattle before, you are somewhat overwhelmed when you are standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people.  As we were approaching the starting line in a sea of humanity, it occurred to me there was only one way to know what this was like…you have to do it.  Many new things we experience in life are the same way.  We prepare to the best of our ability, but once the curtain goes up on a new venture, the real learning begins.

2.  Limit the unknown – During my training, I completed one long run of 10 miles on a Saturday morning.  Due to my schedule nearing the race, I was not able to run 13.1 miles.  When I hit the 10 mile mark the mental games began.  The self talk of “You haven’t ever run this far before” dominated my thought process.  While it was simply a 5K remaining, it was the hardest 5K I had ever run.  The sad part, most of the final stretch was downhill.  As we prepare for new experiences in life, we need to have as much confidence as possible.

3.  Don’t go it alone – During my training, I ran solo.  The day of the race, I ran with a friend.  For the first 10.5 miles, I was running alongside him.  He was actually running the full marathon, but we planned to run the half together.  I took a delayed stop to drink a few extra cups of Gatorade and we got separated.  This did not help the fact that the last 3 miles were the most difficult for me.  When you embark on a new journey, take someone with you.

I share much more about my experience in today’s newspaper article.  This includes a list, not exhaustive, of those who helped me get there.  Check it out here.

Do you have any experiences like this?  Please share in the comments below.

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