Who taught you to give?

How did you learn to give?  Who taught you?


Have you ever noticed sharing is something we are not born knowing how to do.  One of the most used words by small children is, “Mine.”  We must learn how to give.  We must learn to share what we have with others.

This past week a friend shared an article with me that was originally posted on Forbes.com, written by Fidelity, and giving specific ways we can teach our children to give.

During this season of Thanksgiving, we have an opportunity to begin the conversation with our kids.  This can start with asking them to share what it is they are thankful for.  Often, this can lead to an identification of things they may have that others do not.  Many kids will talk about their family, toys, video games, etc.  While these are great things, they are often not the same for everyone.

I go into more detail in today’s article.  This is not what the world is teaching us, see what the focus seems to by in my  Thanksgiving post from 2012.

Help us out…Leave a comment below on how you have taught you children to give.

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