3 Reasons to Invest in YOU

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This Friday, [find a location near you] people from around the country will have an opportunity to learn from John Maxwell and a couple of special guests.  As a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, I know what a treat this will be for everyone.

So many of you may be wondering, “Why would I invest time and money into growing me?”  I would simply ask you, “If you don’t, who will?”  I wanted to outline 3 Reasons to Invest in YOU!  In addition to the thoughts below, I also wrote about a couple of other lessons in today’s Jackson Sun article.

  1. Nobody has a MORE vested interest – Have you ever wondered why you personal success never means as much to someone else as it does to you.  We are constantly operating in an environment and operating under the impression that it’s all about me.  Our employers want us to grow, but I would argue they don’t want us to grow as much as we want us to grow.  You have to invest in YOU!
  2. ROI is measurable – We always want to know what the return on investment (ROI) is going to be, but when the investment is made in you then we know where the return will be found.  Information, by itself, is of no use to anyone.  Only when it is applied does it matter.  When you invest in you, we eliminate blame from the equation.
  3. You’re worth it – Not to sound self absorbed or conceited, but we are often looking for ways to invest our time and sometimes we need to look in the mirror.  It’s not accident the flight attendant tells us to secure our mask first before helping others.  If we are not growing ourselves, how could we ever expect to grow others?

What other reasons can you think of?  There are many more than 3, so continue to add to them in the comments below.

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