Ryder Cup Lessons

Ryder Cup 1

Are you excited about the Ryder Cup?  I ready to see the 12 best golfers from the United States get revenge against the European team.  Many of the top golfers from the PGA Tour will be competing, but they will be more interested about helping the team win than just helping themselves.

The more I thought about this the more I found ways this connected with each of us.  In today’s article, I outline some of the lessons this teaches and how they apply to you.  I’ve included an excerpt below.

Have you ever felt like you were on an island? For those of you dreaming about a vacation to some exotic location… The exotic island is not what I’m talking about but I tend to quickly see myself back in St. Lucia anytime the word is mentioned.  Continue reading…

It’s your turn! Do you have an example of how those around you brought you through something?  Could you have done it by yourself?

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