3 Ways to Get More Done

Ever feel overloaded?


If you are anything like me, you have a difficult time saying, “No.”  This is one of those weeks where all of the answers of “Yes” are coming due.  This past weekend, I could not stop thinking about everything that needed to be done and how little time I had to prepare.  Three speaking engagements, two separate teaching commitments, and a full time job to go along with it.  All of these things I love to do.  I am certainly not complaining, but I do want to let you into areas where I struggle and hopefully help you when you are in the same place.

I immediately began thinking about what it will be like when Sunday night gets here.  What a ridiculous way to live.  I have just wished away an entire week.  This could not be the right answer so I decided to think about it a little differently.

I began to think about how to organize the preparation and maximize the week.  Here are the three things I did to make it easier to process.

1.  PrioritizeFor whatever the reason, if there is a pile of stuff in our head, all we can think about is the large unorganized pile.  When we slow down long enough to actually write down each commitment, it immediately begins to feel more attainable.  This is one of the secrets to Dave Ramsey’s philosophy regarding doing a budget.

2.  Pace YourselfThere is something powerful about doing a little bit everyday.  We all want to be a superhero…TODAY!  Superheros are not created in a day, so don’t try it.  A little preparation throughout the week goes a long way to limiting the freak out moments which are sure to arise.

3.  SleepThis is one area in which I continue to struggle.  I often feel as if I cannot turn it off.  What I am FINALLY beginning to understand is how much more productive I am with appropriate amounts of rest.  A task which should take thirty minutes ends up taking two hours without the proper amount of rest.  It still sounds counterintuitive to me as I’m writing it, but I know it’s the truth.

Leave a comment below – What have you found helps you get more done?  Specific strategy?

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