Lucky vs. Good

Would you rather be lucky or good?


Have you ever met anyone who just seemed to be lucky?  You know the people I’m talking about…those people who always seem to get the breaks.  The ones you hear about landing a big account, catching a foul ball at a baseball game, or always getting their name drawn for a door prize.

When you stop to explore much of what appears to be luck, you find something much different than it appears to be.  Were they truly lucky, or was their more going on?  For some things, it is nothing more than luck, for most it involves something more.

In today’s Jackson Sun, I explore what luck really is and what it requires.  I’ve included an excerpt below.

How many of you have heard the saying, “I’d rather be lucky than good?”  Do you agree with this sentiment?  This past Monday, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and the words, “The luck of the Irish,” were stated thousands of times.  Continue reading…

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