What are you doing and why it matters

Could you squeeze any more meetings into you day?


Do you hate pointless meetings as much as I do?  What makes them pointless?  Much of the time this is due to the lack of “doing” that follows.  This is a problem for anyone involved with more people than themselves.  If you are a part of any organization, you find yourself attending many meetings.

When meetings are productive, the attendees are asked to do something.  This is the difference in a productive meeting and a waste of time.  This is the focus for my article in today’s Jackson Sun.

Excerpt from today’s article:  Whether I am speaking to a large group of business professionals, as I did last week during the Working Women’s Conference, or to a small group the ending is always the same.  Some type of call to action, encouragement to do something!  It sometimes feels as if my life is comprised of preparing, attending, or leaving meetings.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  I wanted to spend a few minutes examining the importance of what happens after you leave.  Continue reading…

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