Olympic Size Love

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics?

jacki munzel

One of the great lessons we learn from those competing at the highest level come from an unexpected place.  This is the story of Jacki Munzel.  A great inspiration to all of us, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, it is a great depiction of love.

Can a 50 year old compete at the highest level?  How should we go about overcoming adversity?  What is the X-factor when it comes to being able to achieve greatness when the odds are stacked against you?

In yesterday’s Jackson Sun article, I explored what the Olympics and love have in common.  An excerpt is provided below.

What is a Sochi?  Who is Sochi?  Where is Sochi?  Prior to this week, many of us could not have answered this question.  We now know Sochi is a city in Russia.  The 2014 Winter Olympic games have begun, as the best athletes from around the globe participate in numerous sports to see who the best in the world will be.  Continue reading…

What similarities do you see between the Olympics and love?

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