Old Guard vs. New Guard

What can we learn from the NFL?

peyton vs wilson

In the AFC Championship, you had two veterans going head to head.  The NFC Championship presented the next generation of quarterbacks facing off.  As I thought through what was playing out before us, it became clear the NFL knows how to develop talent and replace older players with younger ones.

How does this apply to the other institutions across the country?  When we think about how many baby-boomers are reaching retirement age everyday, what are we doing to transfer knowledge to the next generation?

This is the focus of my article in today’s Jackson Sun.  Here’s an excerpt below.

As I was watching the pregame shows, which started at 6:00am on Sunday morning, something larger than football occurred to me.  Let’s examine the football side first, while exploring how this applies to our everyday lives second.  Continue reading…

What are your organizations doing to make sure those nearing retirement don’t carry all of their knowledge with them?

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