Lessons from Saban and Life

Why is Nick Saban in such high demand?


Because he is a winner.  Anyone who can run a solid organization, add value to players and coaches, all while winning…that makes your stock go up.  There is much to learn from Nick Saban and his amazing success at The University of Alabama.  There are also many lessons in what it takes to keep him.

As I was glued to the news for a number of days, I began to think about this through a different lens…

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Jackson Sun:

Did you hear about Nick Saban?  You know, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Did you hear he was going to Texas?  Did you hear he was staying at Alabama?  As I write this article, it appears he will be staying at the University of Alabama.  But why was the world so interested in what he might do?  He is just one man.  He puts his pants on the same way each of you do.  So what has our society said about him that has people losing their mind about what he is doing?  Continue reading…

What else can we learn?


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