4 Affordable Ways to Show Gratitude



Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

Not everyone has the same ability to give.  We have each been given so much and during this Thanksgiving season, will you join me?  Will you join me in looking for opportunities to bless others?

In today’s Jackson Sun, I give four practical ways we can show our love to others.  This is not just something to do on Thanksgiving Day.  3 out of 4 can be done year-round.

Excerpt from today’s article:

A few ideas on ways to share.

1. Pick up the tab – If you are anything like us, having extra money in the bank has not always been your situation. I remember a time early in our marriage, where we desperately needed a date night. We didn’t realize how much this need would go up after having children. Continue reading…

Join the conversation – How has someone blessed you, when you least expected it?

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