Lessons learned from The Grove

Have you ever been to The Grove?

the grove

I made my first trip this past weekend to see the Ole Miss vs LSU game.  What a game it was but I saw and experienced so much more than a football game.

In today’s Jackson Sun, I share three lessons I learned and how they apply to life outside of football.

Is anything more important than college football in the fall?  As I made my maiden voyage to The Grove at Ole Miss, I could not help but think about some lessons we could learn; lessons from a fairly common occurrence, a college football game.

If you are anything like me, you have been to several football games and many of you grew up going.  While in college you were thrust into the tailgating scene and now return to relive the “good ole’ days”.  You probably have your spot marked off and have been meeting a similar group of people there for years.  Continue reading…

What have you learned from events like these?  Leave your comment below.
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