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Forget about “Outside the Box”, how about “No Box”!

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In today’s article in The Jackson Sun, I tell about some of the ways customer service is not dead.  This is hard for many of us to believe because the bar is lower that its ever been before.

In the contractor industry, I remember telling my wife the other day, “He actually shows up when he says he will, although his work may not be the best.  At least we can count on him simply showing up.”  What a ridiculous state of affairs.  The day simply showing up is the determining factor in hiring someone…is UNBELIEVABLE!, online shoe retail GIANT, has always been on the cutting edge of doing things right and doing the right thing.  They built an empire on customer service and guess what?  Their customer based continues to grow.

I tell of what Zappos and Bass Pro Shops do that make them different.  For the full story, see below.

Have you ever had the sense as a customer you no longer matter?  Ever wonder what happened to the two rules of customer service strategically placed inside every McDonald’s restaurant which read, “1. The customer is always right.  2. Refer back to Number 1.”  This may be an overstatement because as a customer I have acted in a way that would not be referred to as right, but enough about me…  Continue reading…

What other company should be added to the list?  Customer service success story?  Please share below.

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