There IS an “I” in Team

Ever stop to think what makes up a team?

football team

We hear the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM,” which technically is true.  When you look at the letters T – E – A – M, even my 5 year old daughter would be able to determine this word was without an “I”.

This saying is ridiculous in numerous ways, but admittedly, I have been guilty of saying it too.

When you think about any organization, the company itself doesn’t have the ability to do anything.  The same can be said for a church.  A church cannot do anything.  During a recent speaking engagement, I reminded a group of community leaders about the “Church and Steeple” example many of us learned as kids.  Watch the clip below.

A sports team is the same way.  A football team cannot do anything.

Every organization is exactly the same.  They are all comprised of “I’s”.  They are each made up of “Individuals” and their individual contributions make up the success/failure of the team.

For a team to be successful, the individuals must perform to the best of their ability.  If they do, the team wins.  If they don’t, the team loses.  If the individual performance becomes more important than the team as a whole…we have a problem.

But… to act as if individuals aren’t critical to the success of the team is ridiculous.

Leave a comment below – What other cliche’s are ridiculous? Thoughts?


  1. Let's Grow Leaders says:

    I truly believe the best way to build a team is one person at a time. It’s by focusing on the very best strengths of each person and how they can best contribute that the real synergy happens.

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