Unlikely Source for Success

Ever wonder why some succeed and others don’t?


This fact is the motivation behind my desire to ask those who have succeeded what it was that got them there.  If your experience is anything like mine, the answers you get from people are often predictable.

This was always the case until a few years ago.  I was visiting with someone who started a snack distribution business, and he attributed his success to something many would believe is very common.  He referred to the importance of a chair, which on the surface seems ridiculous but when you hear the reason why… it’s truly remarkable.  This was the inspiration for my article in today’s Jackson Sun and the inclusion of “The Chair” in my Leadership Manifesto ebook (download it FREE here).

Lesson Learned from The Chair (Excerpt from The Jackson Sun)

Have you ever asked a question of someone and felt pretty certain of what the answer would be?  Or better yet, failed to ask the question because you “knew” what the answer would be?  In 2008, I found myself in this situation.  I had the opportunity to visit with John D. Graham… Continue Reading

Expand the conversation with a comment below – Ever learned a lesson from the ordinary?  What was it?


  1. I like it. He simply cared. And was genuine about it. It made a difference. Thanks for writing, Dave.

    • Not only did he care about his team, but his team knew it as well. We often take our people for granted, and the idea of a comfortable chair for them to sit in keeps everything in perspective.

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