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If it’s good enough for the bunny, it’s good enough for me.

Battery AA

Is it any accident the positive post on all batteries is marked with a (+)?  What about the negative post being marked with a (-)?  I think not.  This is the reason a positive attitude is something which adds value, while a negative attitude takes away.

I’m sure each of you have spent your fair share of time with someone who could not say something positive, even if you paid them.  This can be very disruptive to a friendship, marriage, or company.  When we spend our time focused on everything that is wrong we begin to believe, by default, nothing is right.

I am not suggesting we should go through life like an ostrich with our heads buried underground.  What I am suggesting, is if we can’t see the positives first, maybe we should keep our heads buried.

Excerpt from today’s article in The Jackson Sun

Have you ever seen a community, organization, church, or family intensely focused on the positive?  Those people whose glass is half full.  No matter the setting, positivity is contagious.  Continue Reading…

Please comment below – How have you seen negativity create problems?  What have you done to overcome it?

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  1. It’s too bad that people don’t come with the “+” or “-” signs stamped on their forehead. We would then know whether to get within 10 feet of them or not.

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