Remove “For Granted” Forever

Why do we take so much for granted?


The next generation will never understand what it was like to only have a phone in our homes, connected to a wire.  During a recent flight, I was reminded of when we first got the internet.  Slow dial up speeds with the very recognizable sound of it connecting.

We take so much for granted in life, and we don’t realize what we have until it is gone.  As a salesman, my mom was my biggest fan.  When I signed a new contract, mom was always the first person I called.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how important those phone calls were until she passed away.  I remember going through the motions several times after her death, only to remember I couldn’t call her.

This is the subject of my column in today’s Jackson Sun.

Today’s article is a sneak preview for the experiences and thoughts I will share as your speaker this Friday at the First Friday Forum.

Has anything ever happened when you did not realize what you had until it was gone?  Maybe it was a person with whom you are now separated due to death.  Maybe it was a special friend who you shared life with who moved away.  Or maybe it was seeing your children playing with their cousins, only to know this will happen a few times per year.  Continue reading…

What have you taken for granted?  How have you overcome this feeling?

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