Hide It Under a Bushel, No!

Do you have a lamp?  Have you turned it on?


Another installment from my Picture Book Manifesto on Leadership.  Get your free copy today HERE!

I am reminded of a scenario during college which left a memory with me I will never forget.  We were preparing for the first test and many of my classmates were working together in the library preparing for what we knew would be extremely difficult.  We were reviewing our notes, reading different sections of the textbook, and discussing topics which were covered in class.

Test day arrived and what a BAD day it was.  Over half of the test was not found in the information we had studied.  Over half of the information from which we were tested was not covered during class.

The professor thought it would be a good exercise for us since we were not always told what we would need to know in life.  The lesson it taught me was the importance of strong leadership if the goal is success for the team.

Other teachers and some standardized tests disallow the use of calculators.  This is another example of almost trying to tie your hands behind your back to see if you can still succeed.

As a leader, it is our job to put our team in a position to WIN!  Not to finish second, or simply make it to the final round.  Our job is to provide them with every tool they will need to WIN!

If it’s dark, you are holding the LAMP.  Turn it on.  Show them the way.  Remember, if they stub their toe, it hurts you too!

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  1. That had to be a frustrating position the teacher put you and the other students in.

    While it’s true that we may be put into situations that are unexpected or we’re not prepared for, there’s normally a way to push through them or get what we need to accomplish the task. It would have been a wonderful example if the teacher then either helped the students through the test or had material on hand that could be used to navigate through it.

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