Cigarette Butt Attitude

Attitude is contagious…Good and Bad!

perkinsYesterday morning, I had a breakfast meeting at Perkins.  As I arrived, I noticed a gentleman in the parking lot with a uniform on and sweeping up small pieces of trash.  It was approximately 7:00am and his morning duties were to sweep up the parking lot.

As I exited my truck and made my way into the the restaurant, I walked past this gentleman.  I said, “Good morning” and what happened next was very surprising.

He looked up, smiled, and responded, “Good morning to you, too.  Thank you for choosing Perkins today.”


The guy sweeping up cigarette butts in the parking lot had an amazing attitude.  One of the most interesting things was how this attitude was also present inside the restaurant.

What a great reminder of how a positive attitude can infect any organization.  I’m reminded of a post from the highly respected leader Karin Hurt (@letsgrowleaders), founder of Let’s Grow Leaders, entitled Work Environment Matters.  Here Karin talks about the physical surroundings in and around businesses.

What I experienced at Perkins was a verification of this because of his task cleaning up the parking lot, but it also said something about the inside.  The inside of the store and the inside of the man.

What attitude are you taking to work today?  Infect those around you with a positive attitude and see what happens.

Comment below and encourage us – Has something like this ever happened to you?

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  1. steveholtconsulting says:

    Positive attitudes can be the one thing that turns everything around from bad to good. Thanks for the reminder Dave!

  2. He is having an impact even bigger than he knows! For his employer and for others. Thanks for sharing- and you’re right, we have no excuse.

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