Grow You, Grow Your Business

What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Of course, this question has been asked and answered for a number of years.  People are on both ends of the spectrum, so we won’t get into that discussion here.  This question does confirm our desire to get things in the proper order.

Thousands of books are written, articles published, and blogs shared about the subject of business growth.  Any of us in business are thankful everyone cares so much about helping us become more successful, but is the focus placed in the proper area?  Can our business grow if we are not growing?

Christian Simpson, internationally acclaimed coach and speaker, says “No.”  In his very popular video series entitled The 4 Pillars of Mastery, his first pillar is “Develop the Owner not the Business.”  This is profound and something not everyone pay attention to.

If we are not growing personally, how could we grow anything else.  The “Do as I say, not as I do” saying might be funny to say to your children or others as you try to make a joke, but it provides a dismal future if that’s your life’s mission.  If you are not growing, neither will your business or those around you.

For your business to grow, you must be growing.  For those around you to grow, you must be growing.  For your children to grow, you must be growing.

Please leave your comment below – What are you doing to grow yourself? Please share so myself and others can learn from you.

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  1. Let's Grow Leaders says:

    Great post. We do need to take accountability for our learning. So often I see folks “waiting” for someone to develop them.

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