Why The Inside Matters

Can you imagine a Twinkie without any creme filling?


We have always heard, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”  How often do we hear that form the media or from Hollywood?  How often do people become famous for who they are on the inside rather than the outside?

During my time in Orlando with John Maxwell and his team, I learned a principle which will forever change the way I view myself and others…and it is rooted in Scripture.

When we came into the room, we noticed multiple sets of small balls packaged in three and laying on the tables.  Nothing was said about them for quite some time.  Long enough for us to begin asking each other what they might be used for.  Christian Simpson was the John Maxwell Team trainer during this period of time and he started juggling a set of balls just like the ones on our table.

I didn’t know about the others at my table, but I knew I didn’t have a clue how to juggle.  We paired off in two’s, with one person as the juggler and the other as the coach.  I was the coach first, and did I mention, I didn’t know how to juggle.  I was giving advice and of course, it was not working.  We switched, and the results were the same.

The next thing that happened was fascinating.  Christian began teaching us what it meant to be a coach.  He explained it didn’t involve being an expert at juggling, rather it involved being an expert at asking the right questions.  The answers to juggling and life itself reside within each of us.  The challenge is getting the information out.

These truths are deeply rooted in Scripture and found in the common phrases, “Seek and you will find”, “Knock and the door will be opened to you”, “Ask and it will be given to you.”

The second round looked much different.  Great improvement was seen with everyone and many were able to juggle for the first time.

We must work to grow ourselves.  The answer is inside each of us.  The challenge is getting it out.

Where have you seen questions unlock someone’s potential?

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  1. Bob Tiede says:

    This is incredibly interesting – can you please tell me more?

    • There is so much here, so I will try to add a little more. Often, the term coaching is used and we immediately default to the sports use. This is where someone from the outside comes in to show or tell us how to do certain things. This can be effective, but the most long lasting effect we can have on ourselves and each other comes when we find the solutions from within. True coaching is knowing the proper questions to ask to help others find the best solutions for themselves. We apply the law of the lens to every situtation and read ourselves into others, thus giving them the best solution for us, often not the best for them. Hope this helped. Thanks for participating Bob!

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