[Faithful Fridays] Lessons from Soles for the Soul

Have you ever wondered why the bottom of a shoe is so important?


Shoes come in many shapes and sizes but the essential part is the sole.  As we have had the opportunity of teaching our children words, commonly we find ourselves with a renewed sense of amazement.

Is anything more complicated than the English language?  From the silent “e” to words which make the same sound but are spell differently with different meanings.  This happened the other day when our daughter excitedly spelled the word for the number 2.  She spell it “to”.  I would love to meet the person who built our language.

With that being said, I believe there is much to learn with the words “sole” and “soul”.  Let’s explore three lessons “soles” can teach us about our “souls”.

3 Lessons from “Soles” for our “Souls”

1.  FoundationIs it any coincidence that when material is missing from a traditional shoe, it is missing from the top not the bottom.  The sole of the shoe is critical and is the most important part.  When we think about our “soul” we must remember it must be grounded in a firm foundation.  This is the most critical part of living and without a firm foundation, built upon a relationship with Jesus, the foundation of our life is not steady.

2.  TractionHave you ever had a pair of shoes which were so worn out, they became slick?  I remember slipping in the garage, while getting out of my truck, and sliding half way underneath it.  Thanks to a little water and old, tired tennis shoes.  The health of our soul provides traction for us as we walk through life.

3.  ProtectionIn many nations around the world, shoes are not something which everyone has.  Organizations like Soles4Souls and Funds2Orgs have been founded to address this in many nations around the world.  This is critical because of how much disease can spread through poor sanitation and bare feet.  The protection of our soul comes from walking daily with God.

Leave your comment below – Any other similarities between the two?  Can you imagine not having soles on your shoes?

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