Need More Time? Try This!

Need more time?  Try giving it away.

London, UK

Why does it always seem we have more to do than we have the time to do it?  I read a column the other day that suggested we should stop making “To-Do Lists” because they always include more items than we can actually get done.  This lack of accomplishment only highlights the fact we FAILED.

In today’s edition of the Jackson Sun, I tackle the topic of how to find more time.  The answer is counterintuitive, but is well researched and proven to be true.  It is based on a study reported in the Harvard Business Review IDEACast, from a research team which included Cassie Mogilner (@cmogilner) of Wharton School, Zoe Chance of Yale, and Michael Norton of Harvard.  This research was done as a follow up to some prior studies involving money.

The findings indicate that to feel like you have more time and are more productive you must give away some of your time.  This sounds crazy, but the group in the study who gave away time to help others actually felt like they had more of it.

3 Reasons To Give Away Time

1.  Increased ProductivityWhen people/employees feel like they have more time they tend to be more productive.  I have yet to meet a leader within any organization who doesn’t want their team to be more productive.

2.  Greater FulfillmentNo matter where you work, there are moments when you are not being fulfilled in it.  You may work for the greatest nonprofit in the world, but if you are normal you have moments when you do not feel you are making a difference and it damages your self image.

3.  Improved LeadershipWhether you are in a position of leadership officially or not, people are watching.  Those around you are learning from what you do everyday.  If you are in a position of leadership, this study should be a great motivator toward you encouraging your team to give of their time, and yes even while they are on “Your” clock.

How have you seen this in your life?  How have you given of your time and felt like you had more of it?

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