Don’t Judge, DO

When was the last time you noticed an unmet need?

unmet needs

How many times do we see a need not being met?  This could be in our community, business, church, or civic organization.  Maybe it’s not a huge need like food, but a need none the less.  Maybe it is a personal need of yours which isn’t being met.  What are we to do?

Before we address what we need to do, we must first understand what each of us typically do.  We see a new ministry opportunity right before the eyes of the congregation and we begin to ask the questions.

  • Why are we not doing something to serve the needs of the poor?
  • Why does the church leadership not see the need to offer tutoring to under-performing students in our community?
  • You would think all of the training in seminary would have taught our pastors how to help John and Susie with their marriage.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Have you, like myself, ever said anything like this?  What was the outcome?  Was it positive?  Did it get anything accomplished?

How could we address these specific questions and make an impact by doing rather than simply judging?

  • Schedule a meeting with the staff to explore a new ministry devoted to helping the poor.
  • Talk with some retired teachers within the church to see if they would be willing to volunteer their time to help tutor students.
  • Find some resources and begin a marriage counseling ministry, led by members who have a heart for those who are struggling.

These examples were all specific to a church, but you know where opportunities are within your community and business.  I am reminded of people who saw a need and decided to do something about it.  They include Wayne Elsey, Michael Richerson, and Gary Stanfill to name a few.

What need do you see where you could make a difference?  Will you join me in looking for opportunities to Do and not Judge?
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