3 Lessons Elmo Taught Me

Yes.  The little red furry monster from Sesame Street, Elmo.

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This past weekend our family joined thousands of others to see a Sesame Street Live production of Elmo Making Music.  There was enough cotton candy for the children in attendance to stay awake for 24 hours without even thinking about going to sleep.  There was a constant murmur throughout the crowd and when Elmo came onto the stage… Whoa!  This little furry, make believe monster from a made up place called Sesame Street brought the house down.

As I was sitting there and trying to wrap my head around what all the excitement was about, I immediately began thinking, “There is something which can be learned here.”  I have commonly thought if each of us were as effective as the late Steve Jobs at marketing, we would be set.  But I think there are also lessons we can learn from Elmo about marketing as well.

3 Lessons Elmo Taught Me

1.  Add value firstWhy was Elmo able to walk out on stage and immediately be able to connect with children of varying ages?  From those drinking from baby bottles, wearing diapers, and not able to talk to those who were able to sing every word of the Sesame Street theme song; the little red furry monster connected with each of them.  This was only possible because of the amazing amounts of value provided to each of them through lessons they had learned from the popular TV show Sesame Street.

2.  Be consistentDid you grow up watching Sesame Street?  I did and many of the other parents in attendance did too.  The brand has been consistent in adding value to the younger generation and now the parents who control what their children watch on television trust what will be seen is acceptable.

elmo balloon 2

3.  Ask for the orderDid Elmo miss the opportunity to sell a few products during his visit?  Absolutely not.  As a matter of fact, he even had balloons made in his likeness and bundled by a faithful staff member.  Of course, the cast needed a 15 minute intermission and the bundle of Elmo head balloons were being held and sold just in front of the stage.  The only sadness this created was when someone lost their hold of the string and everyone watched as it floated to the top of the arena.

Leave a comment below:  What have you learned from things your children are interested in?  Has Elmo taught you anything?

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  1. That’s awesome. Isn’t it nice to still have quality children’s programming that has a message for all of us? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elmo speaks to the hearts of young minds. His message continues to leave a permanent imprint on our society. Perhaps that’s why he calls it “Elmo’s World”, a place for young minds to get valuable insight and fresh thoughts.

    • Thanks Hasan. You are exactly right and “Elmo’s World” is such a big hit. I remember when the toy for Christmas several years ago was a Tickle Me Elmo doll. This was only possible because of the value this character and others had developed with families over the years. Thanks for sharing.

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