Do People Know You Appreciate Them? Have you told them?

Have you ever really wanted to let somebody have it?

dad and father

By the picture above, you now know I am not referring to when you are angry.  What I am referring to is telling people how much they mean to you and what your life would be like without them in it.

From yesterday’s post and corresponding newspaper article in The Jackson Sun, I received an amazing amount of feedback.  I have included a few samples below.

  • “Thanks for sharing.  This brought back so many memories for me.”
  • “I didn’t have a great relationship with my dad for a number of years, but it was much better later in life.”
  • “I don’t talk to my father that often, so thanks for reminding me to give him a call.”
  • “I completely forgot that Sunday is Father’s Day.  Thanks.”

As you can see, it was a varied response but there seems to be a common theme throughout… Don’t keep your feelings to yourself.  This applies to our family lives, but also to our work environment.

FamilyFor all you macho guys reading this… get over it (yes I am including myself in this too.)  When was the last time we told those closest to us “I love you?”  When was the last time we wrote a note to a family member to tell them they were special?  It is amazing to me how often we treat those closest to us the worst.  Will you join me today in recommitting to being intentional about sharing our feelings with those we love?

WorkHave you ever received a note from someone at the office thanking you for something you did for them or the team?  When was the last time you were the one writing the note?  If your office environment is anything like mine, things can get hectic from time to time.  It is often in those moments of business that tensions increase and everyone is just a little bit on edge.  I think this can serve as a trigger in our brains to find someone doing something extra special.  Write that person a note and thank them for taking care of a customer, that was not being reasonable.  Thank that person publicly for going the extra mile to serve.

Please comment – How do you remember to do this?  What has been the best way others have shared with you?

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