Can You Fog a Mirror?

How hard is it to take a good look at yourself or your organization?


Fogging a mirror is not good enough.  I’m talking about really taking an assessment of where you are personally or where your organization is.  How often do we try to make what is staring back at us something different from what it really is?  The mind is a terrible thing to waste and it will play tricks on you if you’re not honest about the reflection.

Typically when we pause to reflect, we see what we want to see and many times not what is really there.  This causes us to plan things which are not the necessary next steps because we have not been honest about where we really are today.

How to do more than fog the mirror

1. Be honestYes, I know it hurts, but it will lessen the punch to your gut later.  If your organization is not ready to move into a new product line, when would be the best time to determine this?  NOW would be good.  This was also something found in Ways to not act like Washington.

2. Don’t be afraidFear (which I dealt with here) is one of the main reasons we do not stop to do a true self assessment.  We are afraid we may look like a failure and none of us want that.  The fact is, moving forward without understanding where you are first is much scarier.

3. Ask othersWe have mirrors to look into as we evaluate ourselves, but others have windows to look through.  Do not be afraid to ask people what they see.  This is something that will allow you to grow and come back to reality.

When was the last time you stopped to do this?  What did you learn?

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