3 Tools to Overcome Information Overload

Newspapers, cable news, radio, internet, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Podcasts, etc…  Help!


Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  If you are like me, you have multiple sources from which you gather information each day.  These sources only have one thing in common, they are all trying to get into you brain…at the same time.  I have numerous websites I read each day, in addition to the local newspaper and so much more.

Is there a way to organize all of these different sources?  The short answer is yes, and everyday, those who provide information are looking for better ways to deliver it.

3 Tools for Organizing Information

  1. Feedly – Have you ever wondered if there was a way to put all the blogs into a single source for easy reading?  The answer is yes and Feedly is the source I use to do this.  Previously, I used Google Reader, but it has recently been discontinued and Feedly is now my reader of choice.
  2. Pocket – Have you ever seen an article on the internet you would like to read, but you do not have the time to read it now?  Pocket is the answer.  You can simply add it to you pocket account and come back to it later.  This has been an extremely useful tool, and one that will keep you on task throughout the day without sacrificing the opportunity to learn.
  3. Twitter (Lists) – If your Twitter feed looks anything like mine, it is very cluttered and organizing the information is vital.  You can organize these lists by topic (business, church, leadership, nonprofits, etc.), allowing you to refer to the list for only those you have identified as thought leaders within a certain category.  Another option is to refer to those you follow and subscribe to a list they have built.
Please comment below – What tools do you use to organize information?

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  1. Dan Forbes says:

    I do use lists almost exclusively on Twitter, along with Searches. For example, I search the #LeadWithGiants hashtag to see the discussions going on in my community. Daily I use Scoop.it to find interesting blog posts about topics important to me like, Leadership and Networking. Thanks for sharing the tools you are using.

  2. I am a new adopter of the lists function within Twitter. I will begin checking scoop.it. Thanks for your feedback Dan.


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