Secure yours first, and then help others

What do you need to secure first, prior to helping others secure theirs?

Find the answer by reading my weekly article in The Jackson Sun entitled, Ask, “What’s in it for them?” and make a difference.

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Two of the organizations I highlight in the article are Hands Up! Preschool and Special Needs Athletics.

Have you ever had a passion or vision for something you thought would help your community?  Have you ever asked the question, “Why in the world is someone not doing _________________?  The folks who had a vision for Hands Up! Preschool and Special Needs Athletics took it upon themselves to see the two needs were addressed.  Both of these groups are funds of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation.  Take the time to check out their websites above.  Take the time to send them a note to say thank you for stepping out in faith to serve others!

Please comment – What has been on your heart?  Do you have any stories of success where people are thinking about others above themselves?

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