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BLOG ONLY Exclusive Content – Follow up to today’s Jackson Sun article entitled, “Congrats, You Graduated!  Now What?”

Do you remember your high school graduation?

If you are anything like me the answer is, “Yes.”  At the time it did not seem like that big of a deal.  It was what I expected to do, and not doing so was never a thought.

The picture above, depicts what Paul Harvey would call “The rest of the story.”

Laying next to the mortar board, tassel, and diploma, you see a key.  This is what the diploma gives you.  It gives you a key to be used in whatever manner you deem appropriate.  For an 18 year old kid… what a scary thought.  High school attendance was mandatory, at least until a certain age.  Teachers, administrators, and staff cared if you went to class and if you didn’t there were repercussions.  Your parents could even be held liable for you not attending school.

When your title changes to “college student” all bets are off.  The key has been handed to you.  Only you can chart the course from this point forward.  You did not have to chose what your high school diploma would say on it.  You did not have to declare a major, which would limit your future employment choices… until now.

What are you going to do with the key?  Are you going to dream big, or simply live as if the key means nothing to you?  Are you going to spend time maximizing your time or wasting it?

Leave a comment below – For those of you who have completed college, what was the best advice you received or would offer to this years graduates?

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  1. While I never completed college (Ekk! I know it can sound bad), there’s one piece of advice that has stuck with me. It’s “Never stop learning.” Don’t expect completing college to be the end of your education. It’s only the beginning. Look for ways to further your education. Pick up great books, attend classes, meet with great people.

  2. Fantastic advice Joe. I have several friends who didn’t complete college either and have gone on to do amazing things. This was possible because they were life learners. If someone could only use one name to describe me… “Learner” wouldn’t be so bad. Thanks for sharing!

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