3 Reasons Vision is Important and How to Create One

Have you ever seen the roof added to a house prior to the foundation?

Of course you cannot put on the roof prior to many steps being completed first.  The ground must be leveled and cinder blocks laid before any wood is applied to the home.

This is not just an article about business, mission statements, or goals.

Reason #1 – ClarityDo you often feel like you have way to much going on?  What about the feeling that you have all of these segments of life with the only seemingly related component to them all is YOU?  Because we all have different segments of life, we need different visions to get us where we want to go.  I learned of the importance of this from best selling author, Andy Stanley (@andystanley), in his book entitled Visioneering.  I would highly recommend it.  I also wrote about Clarity last week in The Jackson Sun, which can be found here.

Reason #2 – SimplicityIf your life is anything like mine, you need to have something which keeps you focused in the direction you would like to go.  It makes it very easy to assess if you should participate in something new or pass.  This enables you to prioritize your time.  Are these activities moving you toward your vision or away from it?  Have you ever noticed the more you are involved in, the more people ask you to do?  I am working to try to find some level of participation in all areas of my life, and before a clear vision was applied, I found myself feeling convicted to say “Yes” to everything.

Reason #3 – LeadershipVision enables you to lead.  Have you ever tried to follow someone without a solid vision?  The outcome is very unknown, but it is more than that.  When a leader does not have a clear vision for the future, they get distracted by everything.  These teams will not have any picture of the future to which they can buy-in.  Have you ever felt like the entire team were all moving in their individual directions?

Please comment below – What’s your personal vision?  Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

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