How to get the most from VACATION and recommendations

When was the last time you went on vacation?

Our family has done many things in the last five years, but going somewhere for the purpose of vacation has not been one of them.  We have been to multiple states through relocation, but this was the first time our purpose was to relax and have fun.

So what makes for a good vacation?  The first thing that ensures a good vacation is the decision to go.  In our society, work has received much focus and is critical to have the resources to go to the beach.  This focus on the importance of work keeps us from taking the necessary time off to recharge our batteries.

Let me make a few recommendations for your next trip to Florida.


We rented a home through 360 Blue Properties, which is a rental management company who did an amazing job.  Even helping us finish making smoothies, after loading all the fruit into the blender only to discover the blender was broken.  After a quick phone call, a new blender was deliver to our house.  Additionally, we were staying next to a home which was under construction, with the sounds of air guns and hammers starting early in the day.  They extended a 15% discount to us due to this not being communicated prior to our arrival.

Our rental house was located within the beach community of Watercolor.  The amenities were amazing, including multiple pools, a great beach side restaurant, amazing service provided by those around the beach, and a grocery store within 3 minutes.


Our first night out to eat carried us to George’s at Alys Beach.  Unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday which forced us to find another option.  We continued to look down Highway 30A and ended up at Rosemary Beach.  Tucked away in the the downtown area was Edward’s.  The food was amazing and service were amazing and they were very welcoming to children.  They had an area of open-air dining and some indoor space as well.

My wife and I had a date night, which we chose to try Fish Out of Water within the Watercolor Resort.  It was amazing and we would highly recommend it.

I would be remiss if I did not mention where we ate our last night.  No trip to the region is complete without a trip to the famous Red Bar.  As with every other time we have been, it was packed.  The food was absolutely amazing, whether it was the grouper, maui maui, or chicken, everyone left miserably fulfilled.

Please comment – What did we miss?  What recommendation needs to be added to the list?


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