Are you a SUCCESS? Here’s how you know

Do you feel successful?  What does that mean?

How do most people define success?  Typically it involves some predetermined amount of zeros found in ones bank account.  Or maybe it includes a specific title.  Others would suggest it includes an amazing marriage followed by raising wonderful children.  If you are like me, your definition of success is always changing and evolving based on your point in life.

I remember the first time I asked someone to buy a set of knives for over $700… and they said, “Yes.”  I’m glad they didn’t change their mind after seeing the surprised look on my face.  That was a success!

Another story I am often reminded of includes a prospect I had pursued for almost two years, simply trying to secure an appointment.  I will never forget when I got the person on the phone and we booked an appointment.  That was a success!

I asked my wife to marry me, and she said “Yes.”  That was a success!

Often we sit a reflect on the question, “Am I successful?”, or “Am I a success?”

Without some type of foundational metric, one would have to answer… “It depends.”  It depends on where we are in a specific stage in life.  Is there one question we could ask ourselves, or others, which would gauge how we are doing?

What about this one?

SUCCESS is when the people who know you the BEST, respect you the MOST What an amazing standard and measuring stick to apply.  How does your inner circle feel about you?  What do those people who know the real you say about you?  This one statement has changed the way I will view success for the rest of my life.

Spend a little time thinking through this over the coming days.  Any changes need to be made?


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