Ready for a new START?

Have you ever said the words; “If I was younger…” or “If I had more money…”?

Releasing today!  Jon Acuff’s new book START.

The bestselling author Jon Acuff has done it again.  After penning the great resource titled Quitter, he is back to fill in the blanks about where to find your direction and the motivation to actually pull it off.

Many great ideas are squelched by those who are afraid of the unknown.  Fear is something which has paralyzed people for generations.  Jon teaches how to identify what lies before you and how to properly manage it, while insulating yourself from those who are sure to try to discourage you.

Jon Acuff has been a great addition to the Dave Ramsey brand and continues to add amazing value to the message of personal responsibility.

Take the first step toward redefining your future.  You can purchase the book here.

What is your largest fear in doing something new?


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  2. […] this was the hardest part.  Even in chaos, often times the only way to figure something out is to START.  I speak from experience when I tell you this can be extremely challenging.  It is intimidating, […]

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