Willingness of Many, Importance of One

Do you know how to hang vinyl siding?  I didn’t either…

Many people from First United Methodist Church and Fellowship Bible Church arrived on location to help build the 101st Habitat for Humanity house in Jackson, TN.  The weather was perfect.  Multiple boxes of vinyl siding had been developed along with the corresponding nails, nail pouches, and hammers needed to complete the task.  The house had been wrapped and the preparations had been made to begin hanging the siding.

Many of us had gathered in the front of the house in some type of huddle.  It became quite obvious we had a problem.

A willingness to serve does not translate into the ability to perform…without direction.

Luckily for us, and for the family who will eventually move into the new home, someone with expertise in the vinyl siding industry was onsite to teach us what we needed to do.

How many times in life do we find ourselves with the desire to serve, but not having the knowledge to do anything more than stand on the sidelines?

2 Takeaways

1.  Leadership is more than a title – Leadership is having a willingness to serve, AND the ability to communicate what needs to be done.  How many times have you worked with someone who had an amazing amount of knowledge but didn’t have the ability to communicate what they knew?  Secondly, what about those leaders who make assumptions everyone knows what they know and forget to teach?  Thankfully, our leader not only told us what we needed to do but he also showed us.

2.  Followers are sustained by leadership – How often do we see great causes embarked upon with volunteers who faithfully show up to help, only to find an unorganized task without a leader?  This scenario typically happens only once.  Why?  The word quickly gets out that all of these people showed up to help and they ended up simply standing around without any direction.  When the faithful show up, they better be put to work or this will be the last time they come.

Please comment – Where have you seen leadership flourish or whither?

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