5 Years of Footprints on the Heart!

How can such little feet, have such a big impact?

Five years ago today, we welcomed our first child into the world.  She made her appearance 6 weeks ahead of schedule, weighing 4lbs 13 oz, and she was greeted by a team of nurses from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  This team immediately began their work with her.  She was taken from the room and placed in the NICU.  I cannot say enough about how awesome these nurses were and how their love reassured us everything was going to be ok.  Four days later we were able to bring her home.

As I sit and reflect back on the first five years of her life, I am reminded of several points where God used her to teach us about life and Himself.

#1 – Life is Precious – The team of nurses were charged with doing everything in their power to sustain life, regardless of how early a child was born.  As she was whisked away by the team of nurses, we were quickly reminded of how helpless we were.  We were immediately faced with putting our trust in God that she would be ok.  We were separated from her and knew she was in the hands of qualified people but also in the hands of God.  We can’t always be there to make sure she was safe, which is still the case today.

#2 – It’s Not All About Us – As we arrived home, without an instruction booklet describing what to do, I was blown away by Julie’s maternal instinct.  As I watched her care for Gracie, I saw how awesome God is and how my wife was born with instincts to know what to do.  Our schedule revolved around her needs, seemingly forgetting about our own.  I won’t ever forget the first time she slept all night without waking up.  What a blessing.

#3 – Always Think of Others – Gracie loves to draw and color.  She is continually drawing pictures for people, without any prompting from us.  This is often the reason we are late getting to church or school, because she is drawing a picture for those who pour their love into her.  We regularly have to carry markers and paper in the car with us so she can complete her project on the way.  It is a normal occurence me me to arrive home from work to the words of, “Daddy, look what I made for you.”  Precious.

#4 – Life is Eternal in Christ – As many of you are aware, Julie lost her mom last October, and we really wrestled with how to tell Gracie.  The opportunity presented itself one night as Gracie was asking if Grandmommy was feeling better, to which Julie responded, “Yes, she is well and is now with Jesus.”  Gracie responded, “With Grandmommy Jane?”  “Yes,” Julie answered.  The next day, she asked for paper and markers.  After completing her card, she asked for an envelope.  She then put her drawing inside and asked me to mail it to Grandmommy.  How awesome… She just had a change of address and Gracie needed the new one.

As we prepare to send her to Kindergarten in a few months, we thank God for the blessing we have received and will continue to receive from our daughter.  We ask for God’s continued blessings on her!

What have your children taught you? Please comment below.


  1. What I learned from my son:

    My son, now grown, had a rocky childhood by some people’s measure. When he was seven his dad suffered a devastating stroke. The doctors called it “locked in.” He was totally aware of what was going on around him but unable to move or speak. The medical advice was to starve him to death.

    That wasn’t in my marriage vows, I said.

    Doctors told me that our son should not see him this way. It would be psychologically devastating, they advised. I told them “They need each other.”

    The next nine months — the last nine months of my husband’s life— were made a bit easier as my son would get up in the morning, enter our bedroom and dance for his dad—a silly eight-year-old dance. He’d crawl onto the bed and play with him. He’d take markers and draw pictures on his father’s face and put funny hats on his head. My husband could still smile and so he did..

    My husband took a turn for the worse one day and an ambulance carried him away. The next morning my son came into our room as usual and started his ritual dance. He stopped and siad, “I forgot he’s not here anymore.”

    I learned from my son that he instinctively knew his own needs which were intertwined with his dad’s. I was to rely on his instincts many times as a single mother.

    I also learned that sometimes the professionals are wrong.

    Thank you for reminding me. It is a sweet memory, however sad.

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