Thanks for everything, Mom!

Have you had a birthday lately?  What were you thinking about that morning?

Today is my birthday.  I am not telling you this so you can send my birthday wishes or shower me with gifts.  For whatever reason, I woke up thinking about my mother this morning.  My mind was flooded with thoughts of the pain she went through 33 years ago today to bring me into this world.

Mom left this place and went to her eternal dwelling place in October of 2004.  She was truly amazing and I wanted to share a few thoughts about her life we can learn from.

  • Follower of Christ – You didn’t have to wonder if mom was a Christian or not.  As Paul told the leaders of the church at Ephesus, “You’ve seen how I lived…”, mom could have said the same thing.
  • Slow to anger – Mom had the ability to digest things and keep the situation calm.  Don’t hear me say she couldn’t get mad, but she was excellent at controlling her anger.
  • Quick to listen – Mom truly understood the ratio between the number of ears we have to the number of mouths we have.  She listened at least twice as much as she talked.
  • Willing to agree – Have you ever met those people who seem to always disagree?  (This is something I am trying to improve on daily.)  Mom understood her way was not always the best, and even if she thought it was, she didn’t have to fight for it.
  • Relentless in love – Her love for me, which started 33 years ago today, was truly unconditional.  Her love for her husband, my father, was a great example for me; a husband for almost 8 years myself.  Her love for others, whether it was sending her colleagues children to church camp in the summer after mom learned they didn’t have the money to do it, or encouraging and financially helping those battling cancer alongside her.  Mom was a relentless lover.

Thanks for everything, mom!  Thanks for the example you left me and Julie, as husband/wife and father/mother.  And thanks for enduring the pain, so I could have the opportunity to live and experience so much of God’s creation.

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