Freedom = Responsibility… at Christmas!

One month ago millions of people from across our great country stood in line to cast their ballot…PEACEFULLY!

Did your candidate win?  Regardless, the sun still came up on Wednesday, November 7th, and we are still citizens of the greatest country in the world.

Do we have flaws?  Of course.  Do we have things in our past we wish we had done differently?  You bet.  But our progress is unprecedented when you compare us with the rest of the world.

I woke up in my bed this morning, and no matter how cold it was outside, inside was a cozy 70 degrees.  Many in our world cannot say the same thing.  Many didn’t sleep in a bed.  Many didn’t sleep inside.  Many were not greeted with a good morning by someone they loved, and most importantly someone who loved them.

As I go to the pantry to find something for breakfast, I grab the cereal box of my childhood (Lucky Charms), only to discover it is almost empty.  With great frustration, I begin to grumble and ask why in the world anyone would return the nearly empty box back to the pantry…  What a selfish and self centered response.  Many haven’t eaten in days.  Many would have been pleased to have found the crumbs.

Freedom isn’t free, and it also isn’t free from responsibility.  With this freedom comes GREAT responsibility, and it is our job to make sure we do our part to continue to work for those who do not have hope or a belief that tomorrow will be better than today.

This Christmas, as you are fighting the crowds to purchase amazing gifts for your family, remember those who have much more pressing challenges facing them.  What if we gave a donation to the charities of our choice in the amount we spent on Christmas presents for those we know and love?  What if part of the Christmas present for dad was a honorarium to his favorite charity in his honor instead of another pair of socks?

Will you join me?  The West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation is kicking off a Christmas Challenge, which many are already taking part in.  You too can participate by going here.  There will be a matching program which will be explained in the coming days.  Just know that any gift given in honor or memory of someone this Christmas will help us help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Will you take the Challenge?

Please SHARE your ideas and/or traditions by leaving a comment below – What traditions does your family have to give back during Christmas?  What are you planning to do this year to share the meaning of Christmas?
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