Black Friday Eve…?

What happened to Thanksgiving?  Can someone please find it and send it back!


Yes…that is a tire store opening at 5am on Black Friday.  Really?  Surely no lines will form here.

I am waiting on the day someone proposes we change the name of Thanksgiving to Black Friday Eve.  This would make it much easier to understand and comprehend, since we already call the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve.  Also, we refer to the day before New Years as New Years Eve.

The Thanksgiving turkey has been run over by Santa Claus and his eight tiny reindeer.  The prancing and pawing of each little hoof is on the back of what was almost our national bird…but more importantly it is on what the bird represents.

Every year, Christmas decorations and sales begin earlier and earlier.  The sales fliers fill up the mailbox, inbox, and daily newspaper.  The spirit of Thanksgiving is crushed by the desire to have more stuff.  The desire to spend more than we have to get more than we need…but we are getting all this stuff on sale.

We have become such a forward looking society, we cannot even stop for one day to look backwards and discover all of the amazing blessings we have received…and truly give thanks!  We are controlled by those within the media, who show children playing with the newest toy, or adults going on the next exotic vacation, and we believe if that isn’t us we have failed.

You haven’t failed and hopefully we will not see the name of Thanksgiving Day changed to Black Friday Eve, but it certainly feels like it.

To all of those folks in retail…I don’t hate capitalism, nor do I hate people going shopping.  What does drive me crazy is the desire to rush past a day set aside for giving thanks for our many blessings and rushing toward a day made available only because of these very blessings.

This past Sunday at our church, the Thanksgiving Chair video was shown as a reminder to us all.  Watch it here.

Do you agree?  What are you most thankful for?

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