4 Lessons From Skipping Rocks

Have you ever skipped rocks across a pond?  Were you able to throw just one?

I remember our first family trip to the lake and my daughter being hypnotized by the activity of throwing rocks into the water.  I believe she would have thrown rocks until there weren’t any left.  Then I showed her how you could skip rocks on the top of the water… we could have stayed there all night.

What can we learn from this exercise?

4 Lessons Learned from Skipping Rocks

1.  It all depends on YOU! – The rocks are laying around the bank of the lake and unless you pick one up, it will not skip across the water.  It requires motion.  The same thing is true regarding you dream, whatever it may be.  It requires action by you to make things happen.

2.  The shape matters – Have you ever tried to skip a rock that wasn’t flat enough?  It probably made a big splash and sank to the bottom as soon as it hit the water.  The flatter the rock, the better.  This same idea applies to what you want to accomplish.  Your vehicle is very important to achieving your dreams and positively impacting your community.  It needs to fit the situation and you very well.

3.  It doesn’t always work – You can have the best rock and make the best throw, but it may not skip.  And if you are anything like my daughter, you quickly find another one and try again.  We have to be committed to success.  We will most definitely have setbacks, but how will we overcome them?  How long will it take us to pick up another rock?

4.  It always makes ripples – If you throw a rock into the water, the one action which is guaranteed is a ripple.  This is important to understand.  Often we are paralyzed by this reality because we are afraid it won’t make enough ripples.  We are afraid that our helping one child who is hungry is not helping the entire city overcome hunger.  Everything we do creates ripples, and we don’t know the impact we are having until much later, if ever.

Have you picked out your rock?

What lessons have skipping rocks taught you? Comment below.


  1. Janaina Siegler says:

    Very good comparison! Thank you!

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