Presence over Presents: Why Showing Up Matters

Have you ever wondered…If I weren’t here would anyone notice?

If you are like me, the demands on your time can be overwhelming, and you often begin to think through where you really need to be.  Should you stay late at the office, or be at home for the family dinner?  Should you keep an important business lunch or watch you child’s school music program?  Should you go see a grieving friend or just send a card?  Should you visit a friend in the hospital or wait until they go home?

I wish I could say I have all of the answers to the above questions, but I don’t.  Like you, I have the very same decisions to make on a regular basis.  I am reminded of what Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is just showing up.”  That’s sounds all well and good, but what are you showing up for?

On Jon Acuff’s (@jonacuff) blog yesterday found here, he focused on a picture which depicted a phone with a red (X) through it with the caption of “Customer Service Depends Upon Your Availability.”  To those of us who seem to always be on the phone…what a great reminder of how rude we can sometimes be.  It is another reminder of how important it is we are present, not only physically but mentally as well.

The main thing we should always remember it that our presence is noticed and appreciated.  I am reminded of my time growing up playing baseball.  I don’t remember a time when my parents were not there to watch me.  I can even remember a time, during mom’s battle with cancer and her white blood count was too low to be around groups of people, when dad pulled the van up to the fence along the first base line for them to watch from there.  They were 100% committed to being present.

In the wake of the recent events surrounding the death of my mother-in-law, our family was reminded of the importance of being present.  The large number of family and friends who came to show their love to my wife and her sister in their time of grief was such a testimony to the great comfort conveyed by just showing up.

What are you showing up for?  As you look at the next week, month, or year…where will you be present?

COMMENT BELOW:  When has someone’s presence meant more than any present you could have received?

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