4 1/2 Year Old Executive: Why Trust Matters

Is trust important in your workplace?  Who do you trust?  Who trusts you?

As our daughter was saying her prayers last night, she thanked God for each of us in her immediate family, followed by one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.  She said, “And thank you God for Grandmommy being in heaven and all the other people in heaven too.  Amen.”  Wow, this is powerful.

She is the ripe old age of 4 1/2, and yes I have to include the 1/2 in the event she made read this…  She really has no idea of what she is saying about heaven.  She doesn’t truly comprehend what salvation is, yet.  She doesn’t understand how a God in three persons sent His Son to earth, who died on a cross, was buried, and three days later rose from the dead as an atonement for our sins.

But what does she understand?  She understands Mommy and Daddy have told her that Grandmommy and Grandmommy Jane have gone to heaven…to which she simply believes.  We didn’t have to prove it to her, thank goodness.  She didn’t question what we said, nor that what we said was anything but the truth.

Untarnished trust.  The clearest depiction of trust we will ever have is the trust of a child.  How refreshing it is to look at life through the eyes of a child…

Do you trust your spouse?  Do you trust your coworkers?

We are all born into this world as those who trust.  The built in response, which we receive at birth, is to trust.  The longer we live, the more baggage and junk we pick up along the way, the less likely we are to trust.

Trust is the building block for everything we do.  If we can’t trust what others are saying we will be paralyzed from acting.  If we can’t trust the other drivers on the road to stay in their lane; go when the light is green and stop when it is red, we will never leave the house.

What do you need to do today to begin regaining the trust of others?  What do you need to do today to trust others more?

FEEDBACK – Please comment – How has someone regained your trust?  How have you trusted someone else again?


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