Nonprofit Leaders Head Back to School

Have you heard about the new university opening today?

What if I told you this university was open to anyone who wanted to enroll?  What if I told you there weren’t any prerequisites needed to enter?  What if I told you there is a special promotion and you actually get two years of membership for less than a dinner and a movie?

501(c)(3) University launches today at 4:45 pm Eastern.  What an amazing amount of work has gone into this venture, and a special thank you is in order for Wayne Elsey (@WayneElsey).  This is a brain child of his and the nonprofit community’s access to resources will never be the same again.

Like any industry, access to information is critical and the nonprofit industry isn’t any different.  Wayne Elsey founded Soles4Souls and it quickly grew into the top 1% of nonprofit organizations in the country.  Because of his love for others and his desire to help fellow nonprofits, he has poured countless amounts of resources into getting 501(c)(3) University launched.

He and his team have assembled industry leaders to share what they have learned from the trenches over their careers.  This information is sure to be relevant, and things which can be implemented immediately to help you better serve others.

Thank you Wayne Elsey!    YOU Matter and we appreciate YOU!

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