Nonprofit Know How – 501(c)(3) University

Have you ever changed jobs?  Have you ever changed jobs and not been able to find any decent resources to learn the “ins and outs” of your newly found industry?

Launching October 2012

This is the exact situation I found myself in, as I moved into an industry which I had worked around for many years but never as a paid staff person.  The nonprofit industry has many similarities to the for-profit sector, but the differences are in very important categories.  As I began trying to prepare for the initial interview, and my first few months on the job, it became very apparent this sector was under-served as it related to training.  Some resources were available, but they were sub-par at best.

While reading Michael Hyatt’s Blog on Intentional Leadership, I saw an advertisement for Wayne Elsey Enterprises.  I clicked the sidebar advertisement and something very intriguing caught my eye.  There was a tease about something launching in October 2012 called 501(c)(3) University.  This was exactly what I had been looking for over the past year.  A single location dedicated to exactly what I could not find and written by people in the industry, is exactly what I found.

Not new to the nonprofit sector?  As we all know, it is very important we continue to learn, grow, and do.  There will be ample resources for anyone who finds themselves with the responsibility of moving nonprofit organizations forward, because we must always be looking for opportunities to make ourselves better.

Seven Areas of Focus

1)      Strategic Planning

2)      Formation/Compliance

3)      Management/Governance

4)      Leadership Development

5)      People Management

6)      Marketing/Communication

7)      Donor Cultivation/Fundraising

I am very excited about this launch and what it will offer to the over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations across the United States.  Get involved today!

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