Giving Birth To Life

Life is precious and we go to great lengths to preserve it or save it.  We have lifeguards stationed around the local pool in the event someone is drowning.  We have helicopters to quickly transport injured patients to trauma intensive care units.  We have neonatal intensive care units for children born premature, in which our daughter spent a few days.  Life is precious.  Because of this we celebrate birthdays each year.

As the parent of two small children, birthdays have taken on a whole new level of importance around our house.  We are reminded of how special those two dates were in our family’s history.  Until you have experienced the miracle of birth, you can’t fully appreciate the celebration which is only fitting in remembrance of these special moments.

It seems the older I get, the more time I spend reflecting on fond memories from my past.  Whether it was the day I said “I do” to my best friend, Julie or a few years later coming home from playing golf to hear her say, “Are you ready to be a dad?”; these memories shape who we are and how we view the world around us.

These memories are only possible because my wife was born on August 23, 19__. (I’ve learned what and what not to share.)

Happy Birthday Honey!

I love you and I look forward to celebrating many, many more!

Comment Below:  What memories do birthday celebrations bring to your mind?

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