What Will You Leave Behind?

Have you ever thought about what you will leave behind?  How will you be remembered after you are gone?

If we are honest with ourselves, at some point in our lives we begin to reflect on the past.  We often wonder: What I will be remembered for?  What kind of impact did I have on the lives of others?  The fact is; we will never know because we will be gone.

In Max Lucado’s book, Outlive Your Life, he writes, “We are created by a great God to do great works.  He invites us to outlive our lives, not just in heaven but here on earth.”

After a recent speaking engagement to the faculty of the Jackson-Madison County School System, a teacher who worked with mom during her final two years of life shared a few stories, which blew me away.

#1 – This teacher was new to mom’s school and found herself watching multiple people going by the library to speak with mom.  She  noticed mom was wearing a hat, and as she introduced herself, she had to ask the question regarding whether mom was going through chemotherapy or not.  Mom responded, “Oh yes, I have been doing this for years.”  And that was all she had to say regarding her condition and shifted the conversation to other things.  In Outlive Your Life, Lucado writes, “Would you be bold tomorrow? Then be with Jesus today.  Be in his Word.  Be with his people.  Be in his presence.  And when persecution comes (and it will), be strong.  Who knows, people may realize that you, like the disciples, have been with Christ.”  Mom was and people realized it.

The next one is absolutely amazing.

#2 – This teacher shared with me she thought of mom everyday and when people come into her office, the topic of mom often comes up.  If you are like me, you are wondering…Why?  On her bookshelf she has three pictures.  Family are in the pictures on the left and also in the one on the right.  The picture in the middle is mom…  She shared people often ask if that is her mother, and she has the opportunity to say no, followed by a story of mom.  She described mom and her picture as a reminder to her of what perseverance looks like.

Mom died in October…of 2004, almost eight years ago!  What a testimony to her life, and I am so thankful these stories were shared with me.

FEEDBACK:  Who has been an example in your life?  Why? (Please comment below.)

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