3 Ways to Hit Your Target

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not?  Why do some people always seem to be near the top and others are not?

My best friend, Tony Morelli, just competed in the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Classic, which is the national tournament for 3D archery.  My father, daughter, and I had an opportunity to travel to Cullman, AL on Saturday to watch him compete and what an honor it was for me.  He was shooting in a group of the five best shooters from around the country in his division.  As with anything else, many things contributed to him being there, but as I thought through what they were, I noticed how they applied to everyone else and to life.  What can we learn from his journey back to the top of his sport?

3 Lessons on Hitting Your Target

1.       Be Prepared – As with anything else in life, the commitment to winning is shown during the competition.  The competition is an  opportunity to show the fruits of our labor…the hours of practice and preparation leading up to the public event.  I asked Tony how many arrows he shot during practice over the last year and he responded, “A lot.”   Have you ever watched anyone give a great presentation?  What about a bad one?  The difference in the two lies in their preparation.  Just think about an Olympic athlete.  I recently heard Michael Phelps comment he would have done better this year if he had been focused on training for the last four years instead of only two.  Wow!  What are you doing while the camera isn’t rolling?  What are you doing to prepare?  Your preparation, or lack thereof, will show on game day.

2.       Be Coach-able – When success occurs in our life we often assume we have learned all we need to know and stop learning.  We reach the top of one mountain and make the assumption we are the expert.  Tony’s success has come from great individual performance to be sure, but he would have never been able to get to this level without a great coach.  The hours of time spent with his coach Dan, and the conversations which continue to this day, are what allows him to compete at the level 99% only dream about.  Who is your coach?  Are you still committed to learning?

3.       Be Focused – Today, more than ever, we find ourselves living in a world full of distractions.  With cable TV, social media, and all of the other things which generate constant noise, it is very important to decide where you are going.  Having spent many hours talking with Tony over the last year, his goal was to be in the top group during the classic.  Everything he was doing with a bow and arrow was being done to prepare him for this moment…to stand with the best archers in his division and compete for a national title.  What is your goal?  Is everything you are doing intentional?  Are you focused on your goal?

His preparation, coach-ability, and focus allowed him to compete this weekend for the prize.

Thank you Tony!  You have shown me what it means to finish the race well.  You have shown your children how hard work pays off.  Congratulations to you on a great year!

What are you doing to prepare?

Who is your coach?

Are you focused?


FEEDBACK:  What is one thing you’ve found which helped you improve in one of these categories?


  1. Kurt Holmes says:

    Nice piece of writing Dave. Thanks

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