High Tech vs. High Touch: Who Wins?

Have you ever stood in line outside the Apple store, as you are waiting on the newest iPhone, iPad, or iPod?  If you are like many, you have waited hours and some of you even days.  But for what?  Is this the replacement of something else?

You are standing in lines for hours to get the newest products from Apple, because Steve Jobs and his team have built a brand on creating and supporting amazing products, and we believe we can’t live without them.  Does high tech have a role in our life?  Yes, but it can’t replace high touch.

Please don’t hear me suggest I am against technology, because I suffered from “iEnvy” for some time, but I am now the owner of an iPad and iPod.  My four year old can operate both of them, and I can confirm they are both amazing.

What I am suggesting is technology is only a tool and not a replacement for personal relationships.  Our society is continuing to become less relationally focused and hiding behind technology more and more everyday.  People buy from people!  Whether you’re selling insurance, running for a political office, or soliciting gifts for a fundraiser…People buy from, vote for, and give to people.

Going back to our Apple example, is the Apple store staffed by robots and unmanned kiosks?  Absolutely not!  It is staffed with people.  This is a great lesson for us taught by the most successful technology company in the world.

FEEDBACK: How many Apple products do you and your family have?

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