What Does Freedom Mean to You?

What did our founding fathers have to sacrifice to make the decision to declare our independence?  Everything.  So many have volunteered or been drafted for the last 236 years to make sure what they risked in 1776 wasn’t in vain.  What an amazing testament to their courage.

Some thoughts from several folks on Facebook remind us what freedom means to them.

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all. For it is in God we trust. May it remain always!  – Phyllis R.

How appropriate for us to remember that throughout the written history of our country’s creation; God, Creator, etc. is referenced over and over again.  This Independence Day let us not forget where our ETERNAL Independence comes from.

 The ability to live and learn at my own discretion. How that is slowly fading due to government control… – Emily W.

What a great reminder.  As we look at the history of freedom, how often we are running with all we have from something only to begin creating it again upon becoming free from it.  Freedom is only free if we remember what the bondage was we wanted to get away from.  If we ever forget, we will return to that which we longed to leave.

It means understand that responsibility comes with freedom, and we are responsible for that as well. There is no freedom if there is no responsibility. – Bob A.

So freedom isn’t free?  It is definitely not free from responsibility.  As Bob reminds us, with freedom comes an undeniable responsibility to manage our freedoms.  As we look to children, we extend more freedom to those kids who have a track record of responsibility.  Bad choices = less freedom.  Continued bad choices = NO FREEDOM.  This is a great reminder to us.  What are you doing to insure our freedom is not taken away.  Be FREE and RESPONSIBLE!

What does freedom mean to you?

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