The 4 Year Old Executive: What we can learn from children [Part 1]

When was the last time you learned something from a child?  Children are the most amazing thing God created.  The speed at which learning takes place is mind boggling.  Often we wonder how much they are learning, and then they remind us.

As we were hanging around the house on a lazy Saturday morning, my daughter disappears and is very quiet.  She comes to find me with something she wants to show me.  She says, “Daddy, I wrote a letter for Daisy and would like for you to tell me what to write on the outside of the envelope.”  I gave her the pertinent information and she transcribed it on the outside.

A couple of things which must be disclosed.  We had not talked about her friend all morning.  There had been no mention of writing a letter to anyone.

My heart melted for two main reasons.

  1. My sweet little daughter is growing up in front of my very eyes.  This little angel which came into this world six weeks early and spent four days in the NICU, is sending notes to her friend and wanting to know how to address envelopes.
  2. She cares more about her friends than I care about mine.  When was the last time I thought to send someone a note for no good reason?  When was the last time I stopped long enough to think about someone other than myself?

We can learn a multitude of things from our children if we simply stop long enough to observe.

She is always wanting to draw pictures for people.  Before we can go to church, she has to draw a picture for the ladies who teach children’s church.  She regularly draws pictures for her teachers at preschool.  When people we know are sick, she wants to draw them pictures too.

Children are so innocent, and it is refreshing to see how her mind works.  Take a lesson from the 4 year old executive…Stop long enough today to send someone a note just to say you care about them.  Do it right now.


  1. I didn’t realize you had started this. So far this is my favorite. they have certainly grown up fast.


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